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Landscape Design and Installation for Soft landscape Works

We develop professional Landscape Design according to the needs and desires of our Client’s representatives and project owners. We recommend, provide and share our technical knowledge and ideas in consultation with the clients for approval and amendment during the design drawing development stages.
We take pride in providing excellent professional touch for complete landscape installation works in accordance with the approved landscape design drawings. The Company has highly experienced and competent professional Horticulturists and Irrigation Engineers to execute projects of any size.


Automatic Irrigation System

We develop Landscape Irrigation Designs according to the approved soft scape drawings and standards being followed worldwide. We propose only the best products available and use them effectively.
We undertake to complete the entire irrigation works which include installation of mainline and sub-mainline and pipe works, irrigation pumps, valves and control systems, cabling, sprinklers, drip emitters, and testing and commissioning to the satisfaction of the Client.
Our irrigation installation team has experience in handling all the major brands of irrigation equipment including Central Irrigation Control System.


Hard Landscape Works

Our highly specialized and experienced team is capable of all types of hardscape works that include stone paving, banding, cladding, edging, rock and boulders, street furniture, landscape lighting, and other hard landscape works.
We have a dedicated team of specialized personnel for the construction of landscape surface drainage systems, sub-soil drainage systems, landscape Gully, etc. The company has the capacity to expand to any size required in terms of personnel and financial requirements, especially when it comes to fast-track projects.
We take immense pride in our determination and ability to provide only the best of workmanship, use only top-quality materials, and complete our tasks well ahead of deadlines.


Landscape Maintenance Services

We are equipped with the best technical knowledge in landscape maintenance with our professional team of Horticulturist/ Entomologist/Plant Pathologist and Irrigation Engineer which provides complete solutions for any plant's problems and also offer services to enhance the aesthetic view of any landscape maintenance project.
We have our own landscape maintenance protocol that is strictly followed in all landscape maintenance projects.


Irrigation Design

Bringing more than 10 years of technical experience in gardening & landscaping, our specialists design and implement automatic irrigation systems that ensure gardens maintain their health & get the water they require to stay healthy. Verde has the perfect watering solution for every garden: Our technical irrigation team chooses the best system for the size of the green space and the individual needs of the plants.


landscape Design

The first impression everyone sees at your home building or office is the landscaping. Our professionally installed landscape designs can transform your home into the outdoor oasis you have always dreamed about and your office into a welcoming, colorful place for customers. With our design software, you can see what the finished product will look like before the job starts.

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